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Ţara: Rusia
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Hello, everyone!
My name is Maria and I live in the northern part of Russia. The Arctic zone of my country begins here. My city is a commercial and industrial sea-river port. You can see many different ships (including icebreakers) on every walk along the embankment.

I'm 22 and I'm ex-medical student. Some time ago I worked in a pharmacy. Now I'm looking for a job where there will be less stress.

My dream is to get a cat and travel around the world, because there are many beautiful places and wonderful people on our planet, that I'd like to see!
I'm also a person who loves art. Music, dancing, singing, playing piano and guitar, theater and drawing are part of my life. I'm also interested in foreign languages and culture of other countries. Sewing, embroidery, knitting is also my hobby.

I love reading, especially paper books, sometimes I also watch Disney animation or fairytale/fantastic movies.
Sushi, pizza and donuts with vanilla cappuccino - my favorite food:)

I love surprises, so I'll be happy to receive any postcard from you! It would be wonderful to see on a postcard an image of the place where you live or other images of places in your region/country.

See you in the mailbox :)
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