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If you find my presentation too long, I'll put the essential at the beginning: for me, the content of the message written on the postcard is more important than its picture. It's always a great indescribable pleasure to receive messages of about ten sentences, whatever they are about :)

I am Léopold, and I am French with Taiwanese origins.

My interests: I like history, art, politics (by the way, do not hesitate, if you don't mind of course, to say what you think about your government in your postcard; I find it very interesting to have the opinion of the population in order to understand better the world we live in), nature (is there an environmentalist party in your country? Does it have a significant weight?), animals, and food (all dishes, as long as they are vegetarian, and especially chocolate, matcha, and kimchi). And I love Eurovision, particularly Lithuania, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands in 2022.

I appreciate old things (old newspapers, old advertisements) and more generally everything that is a testimony of an event, a history, a place.
If you don't know what to write, can you write down a random sentence from your favorite book? It can be a religious book, a political book, a comic book, a cookbook, whatever... I'm curious :)

Feel free to draw on the card if you wish, and not to draw if you don't. Also, I appreciate cards related with the city or country you live in, but I would also be very happy to receive something else (a postcard representing Monika Liu, Teresa Teng, Theresa May or Mother Teresa if you are from the countries they lived in, a painting, a statue... actually postcards written with heart are all fantastic!)

Thank you very much for reading this presentation, I wish you a great day, you deserve it!

To our Lithuania, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese friends; please feel free to write in your language so I can practice a little. Ačiū / Danke / Gracias / Grazie / Obrigada :-)
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